Naked Gold® 40 nm Concentrated Gold Sols – 50 O.D./mL


Concentrated 40 nm gold sol at 50 O.D./mL.

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Product Description

Naked Gold® 40 nm concentrated gold sols are highly uniform solutions of gold nanoparticles. These gold sols can be conjugated to a variety of antibodies or soluble proteins.

Naked Gold sols are produced by a proprietary process that does not involve the traditional boiling and centrifugation methods. As a result of this unique process, antibodies or soluble proteins can be coated onto the gold nanoparticles without the need to concentrate the gold via centrifugation – saving time and reducing waste of your protein and resultant conjugates. In addition, the elimination of the need to concentrate the gold minimizes the formation of aggregates during conjugation.

Naked Gold 40 nm concentrated gold sols are offered in several different volumes (1 mL, 9 mL, 44 mL, and 100 mL) to meet your specific needs.


O.D./mL: 50

Storage temperature: Room temperature, DO NOT FREEZE!

Shipping temperature: Ambient

Stability: 2 years from date of manufacture

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1 mL, 9 mL, 44 mL, 100 mL




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