Gold-in-a-Box™ Conjugation Kit, 40 nm, 100 mL


The Gold-in-a-Box™ Conjugation Kit contains the reagents required to prepare highly-reactive antibody or soluble-protein 40 nm gold conjugates that can be utilized in lateral-flow assays.

Product Description

The Gold-in-a-Box™ Conjugation Kit, 40 nm, contains the reagents required to prepare highly-reactive antibody or soluble protein gold conjugates that can be utilized in lateral-flow assays.

The key to most high-performance lateral-flow assays is the ability to covalently attach antibodies/proteins to gold nanoparticles. The Gold-in-a-Box™ Conjugation Kit enables optimal binding of an antibody/protein to our Naked Gold 40 nm highly concentrated gold sol, while retaining a high degree of specific activity through adjusting the pH of the gold sols to slightly above the isoelectric point of the coating antibody/protein. This is done through a series of pH titrations with the provided buffers. The Gold-in-a-Box™ kit allows researchers and assay developers to quickly (in less than 50 minutes) determine the pI and optimal coating conditions for your antibody or soluble protein and to perform the conjugation reaction. A sample preparation and gold conjugation procedure is provided.

Reagents are also provided to coat the resultant gold conjugates on polyester of glass fiber ribbon.


Kit Contents:

  • NG40-B100 – Naked Gold 40 nm Concentrated Gold Sol at 15 O.D./mL, 100 mL
  • BUFA-001 – Buffer Solution A, 1.0 mL
  • BUFB-001 – Buffer Solution B, 1.0 mL
  • BUFC-001 – Buffer Solution C, 1.0 mL
  • BUFD-001 – Buffer Solution D, 1.0 mL
  • BLK-005 – BSA Blocking Stabilizer Solution, 5.0 mL
  • CDB-005 – Gold Drying Buffer, 5.0 mL

Storage Temperature: Refrigerated (2-8°C), do not freeze

Shipping Temperature: Ambient temperatures

Stability: 2 years from date of manufacture

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 4.5 x 3.5 in


Product insert – L-PI-NGIB40-B100-03

SDS – L-SDS-101-03



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