BioAssay Works Milestones

BioAssay Works Milestones

BioAssay Works Founded

BioAssay Works Founded
BioAssay Works is founded by three entrepreneurs with over 75 years of combined experience in developing, producing, and selling tools for research and diagnostic assay development. Their goal was simple – produce the best gold nanoparticles in an effort to make rapid tests more sensitive.

Naked Gold® Superior Gold Nanoparticles Launched

BAW Gold Sols
The first highly concentrated gold nanoparticles are commercially available under the Naked Gold tradename. Produced using a proprietary process that does not involve the traditional boiling and centrifugation methods, Naked Gold sols are highly concentrated (15 – 50 OD/mL) and offer a significant sensitivity over traditional gold sols.

Dressed Gold® Gold Conjugates Offered

Dressed Gold<sup>®</sup> Gold Conjugates Offered
Building on the success of the Naked Gold® nanoparticles, BioAssay Works launches line of gold conjugates. The Dressed Gold® conjugates offered rapid assay producers with potent ready-to-use gold conjugates.

BAW Makes Isotyping Rapid

BAW Makes Isotyping Rapid
BAW launches the Iso-Gold™ Isotyping Kits, one of the first 5 minute assays to determine the isotype of mouse monoclonal antibodies. Utilizing superior gold nanoparticles and our assay development expertise,  these kits make isotyping an antibody quick and easy.

Superior Lateral Flow Device Patented

C-Flat Lateral Flow Device
US Patents #7,910,381 and #7,344,893 are awarded for immuno gold lateral flow assays. The resultant C-Flat® lateral flow assay platform further enhances assay sensitivity.

BAW Celebrates 10 Years!

We celebrate our first 10 years in business. Since founding, BioAssay works has developed dozens of custom assays and has manufactured hundreds of thousands of rapid diagnostic devices for some of the leading diagnostic customers!

BioAssay Works Expands

BioAssay Works Expands
BioAssay Works adds 2,000 square feet of additional Manufacturing and Research & Development space, positioning the company to better serve our growing customer base.